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August 26, 2007
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Homer and Bender - Drinking by sircle Homer and Bender - Drinking by sircle
YAY! My first true, real, 100% actual VECTOR! (not just a pretend one like all my other stuff... :D )

I figured I needed something easy to get used to working in Illustrator. After coming across :iconminimonster777:'s excellent beginner's guide vector work, I settled upon this piece done originally by Matt Groening for both its awesome subject matter and the (apparent) ease of the linework. After futzing around and literally learning some commands by accident for about 10 hours, this is what I had...

All done in Illustrator, with a tiny bit of resizing and cropping done in Inkscape and GIMP 2.2. Comments and crits welcome and appreciated, as always!

Characters Homer Jay Simpson and Bender Bending Rodriguez Copyright Matt Groening.

UPDATE 5/9/08

I've added the vector file in .svg format for those of you who wish to blow the pic up to any size you'd like, say for poster or t-shirt purposes - just be sure to not do anything stupid like try to make a profit from it unless you want Fox and Co.'s lawyers putting the screws to you. ;) click download to grab it.

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i love futurama and the simsons
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Crossovers: Some things only make sense when you're drunk.
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Wow! The way you did this is... shocking!!! It looks like an actual screenshot!!! Great Job!!!!!
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awesome! I love these two!
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Nice X3
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beerfist :D
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lol this is cool
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let's drink 2 that my robot friend
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